Meet The Team

Dr. Laura Purdy

Dr. Laura Purdy

MD, MBA, Medical Director

Dubbed "America's Favorite Doctor," Dr. Laura Purdy stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of digital & aesthetic healthcare. With a storied career spanning military service to pioneering telemedicine, she has earned acclaim from prestigious publications including InStyle, TIME, and Forbes.

From a successful pianist to magna cum laude graduate in Psychology, Dr. Purdy's journey into healthcare was driven by an innate desire to serve. Her 14-year tenure in the US Army saw her delivering exceptional care to soldiers worldwide, including overseeing healthcare for special operations medics in Africa.

Today, as a Medical Director/Co-Founder and advisor for over 50 leading telehealth providers, Dr. Purdy continues to shape the future of digital medicine. Balancing her professional pursuits with motherhood, she remains dedicated to her mission of ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare for all Americans.

At just 37 years old, Dr. Purdy's unwavering passion and visionary leadership have earned her the trust and admiration of colleagues nationwide. With a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, she is poised to revolutionize healthcare and improve the lives of millions.